Our Innovations

Our Proprietary Technology

We practice a stringent quality control mechanism for each one of our products across our diversified pipeline using PhytoProfile™, our proprietary technology platform. This platform enables us to implement phytochemical profiling and/or DNA fingerprinting throughout the entire manufacturing process. By implementing PhytoProfile™, we are able to test the components of our products for their associated biomarkers and toxicities at every stage of production to guarantee utmost safety, consistency and quality.

Unlike most nutraceutical manufacturers who only carry out selective profiling or analysis at certain points of their manufacturing process, we carry out end-to-end phytochemical profiling and/or DNA fingerprinting, starting from the selection and characterization of plant seedlings and clones right up to the encapsulation of the finished product. This is how PhytoProfile™ ensures the integrity of the respective components in every single product we manufacture.

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Science is at the heart of everything we do.

Our Product Pipeline

At Medika Natura, science is at the heart of everything we do. Scientific publications and clinical studies inform and drive our product development process, from concept to market access.

Our Innovations

Through rigorous scientific methods, we maximize efficacy while ensuring the safety of botanical bio-active compounds for the biopharmaceutical, nutraceutical and cosmeceutical industries.

Botanical Therapeutics

 The science behind old remedies

Using scientific analysis, we determine if plants used in age-old remedies indeed have remedial properties and develop the bio-active compounds responsible for these properties.


Proprietary technology

We apply our proprietary technology, PhytoProfile™ at every stage of our manufacturing process to optimize the efficacy, consistency, quality, and safety of our bio-active compounds


Product Pipeline

Our series of products in various stages of development, preparation and production. Our botanical compounds are optimized at every stage of the pipeline for quality and safety.