Multi-centre in-human study of SKF7™ is the first clinical trial of its kind to be conducted in Malaysia, India and Indonesia

Written by Medika Natura

Formerly known as Orchid Life, Medika Natura is a pioneer in the end-to-end development, production and commercializing of botanical bio-active compounds native to Southeast Asia.

18 January 2021

A Phase 2 clinical trial of SK7™ is the first ever study of its kind to be launched in clinics and hospitals across Malaysia, India and Indonesia.

Medika Natura has initiated Phase 2 clinical trials of its proprietary bio-extract SKF7™ in general hospitals and clinics across Malaysia, Indonesia and India. The first clinical trial of its kind for all three countries, these randomized double-blind placebo-controlled studies are aimed at determining SKF7™ efficacy in curtailing obesity in order for it to be classified and marketed as an anti-obesity botanical drug.

A multinational, multi-centered study, this Phase 2 clinical trial was conducted in India in November 2020 and will soon be run in multiple healthcare facilities in Indonesia and Malaysia in March 2021 and June 2021, respectively.

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