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Clinical stage biopharmaceutical company, pioneer in botanical bio-actives indigenous to Southeast Asia.
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Science & Research

At Medika Natura, science is at the heart of everything we do. Scientific publications and clinical studies inform and drive our product development process, from concept to market access.


Our breakthroughs include being awarded BioNexus status, to achieving a first for Malaysia: approval of SKF7™ as a New Dietary Ingredient (NDIN) by the US FDA.


We are a Malaysian biopharmaceutical company based in Kuala Lumpur specializing in the development, production, and commercialization of botanical bio-active compounds indigenous to Malaysia and Southeast Asia.

From Malaysia to the World

With firm roots in Malaysia, Medika Natura has expanded its footprint to Singapore, Indonesia, and the rest of the world.

We Improve Lives

We are developing solutions for some of the most pressing global health issues such as obesity and diabetes.

Our Innovations

Through rigorous scientific methods, we maximize efficacy while ensuring the safety of botanical bio-active compounds for the biopharmaceutical, nutraceutical and cosmeceutical industries.

Botanical Therapeutics

 The science behind old remedies

Using scientific analysis, we determine if plants used in age-old remedies indeed have remedial properties and develop the bio-active compounds responsible for these properties.


Proprietary technology

We apply our proprietary technology, PhytoProfile™ at every stage of our manufacturing process to optimize the efficacy, consistency, quality, and safety of our bio-active compounds


Product Pipeline

Our series of products in various stages of development, preparation and production. Our botanical compounds are optimized at every stage of the pipeline for quality and safety.

Brand Promise

Medika Natura stands apart from a largely unregulated health supplements industry, which allows companies to make outrageous claims about substandard products.

Medika Natura’s products are evidence-based; we employ rigorous scientific methods required of medical pharmaceuticals to maximize the quality and efficacy of our products, while maintaining the highest safety standards. 

Our Latest Insights

Learn about Medika Natura and its products in the news, along with the latest developments in science and the industry.